Become an Ambassador for the Armenians of Artsakh!

Dear Friends,

As you are no doubt aware, over 150,000 people became victims of a tragedy in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).
On September 2020, and more recently on 19 September 2023, Azerbaijan unleashed a massive military aggression against the indigenous Armenian population of Artsakh. Several hundred Armenians, including children, were killed by the Azerbaijani army.
This unprecedented aggression led more than 150,000 Armenians, including 30,000 children, to leave their homeland and seek refuge in the Republic of Armenia, under the worst possible conditions.
On 5 October 2023, the members of the European Parliament adopted, by an overwhelming majority, a resolution unequivocally condemning the ethnic cleansing of the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh by Azerbaijan and calling for the suspension of the Memorandum of Understanding on a strategic partnership in the field of energy between the EU and Azerbaijan.
In this context and through the Europeans for Artsakh movement, made up of committed European citizens (500 European associations have signed up), we call on all the leaders of associations working in the fields of human rights, religion, culture, humanitarian aid and politics to support the struggle of the Armenian people and to join us in calling on the European authorities (European Commission – Council of Europe – and the Heads of Member States) to :
– condemn the ethnic cleansing and genocidal policy of Azerbaijan and call for sanctions against it,
– demand the immediate and unconditional release of the prisoners of war and hostages, including the political and military leaders of Artsakh
– demand the protection of Armenia, and in particular the Armenian territory of the Syunik Region coveted by Azerbaijan,
– contribute to the establishment of tangible international security guarantees so that the indigenous Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh can exercise its inalienable right to return to its own homeland and provide Nagorno-Karabakh with a status that underpins this right.
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Many thanks,